Prayer for inspiration

God of everything good;
We pray to you this day;
That you give us inspiration;
To live a virtuous life;
Inspire us loving God,
To put you first
In all that we do;
And to live this day
According to your will;
Inspire us, heavenly Father,
To love you as we should,
With all our hearts;
To know you;
To be faithful to you,
And to be obedient to you.
We pray you, O Father Lord,
To inspire us
To love one another,
As you love us;
To care for one another,
As you keep caring for us;
We pray O Lord,
That you inspire us
To be dedicated workers
In your vineyard;
We pray that you inspire us
To hearken to your voice
When you call;
Listen to our supplication
And grant our wish;
May the Holy Spirit come
Down into our hearts,
And inspire us;
May your name be glorified;
For ever and ever, Amen!

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