Beware of unscrupulous politicians!

Would you allow yourself
To be bought
Like a marketable product
By a politician?
That is dangerous;
If you have integrity,
You cannot allow anyone
Whoever, to buy you;
You have a personality
To defend,
And a conscience;
You must listen to it;
Only cowards,
And the unscrupulous,
Allow themselves
To be sold and bought
Like market tools;
Your vote
Should never be bought;
If you sell it for money,
You enslave yourself;
And shall be treated
As a slave.
Politicians champion
The buying of people,
And will shamelessly
Make offers
To corrupt voters.
Shall you allow yourself
To be corrupted?
If a politician tries
To corrupt you,
That is an insult to you;
Such is not worthy
Of your vote;
Do not vote for such a one.
Beware of such politicians;
They are dangerous.

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