Sing praise and glory to God

Whatever happens,
I will sing praise
And glory
To Almighty God;
Do you know why?
Because He knows better;
And his ways aren’t
Our ways;
Even if what happens
Looks bad,
I will not take it badly,
Because I know,
It could have been worse;
And so
I will give him praise;
All the praises I can;
I will sing
And wait on him
To reveal his plan
To me.
Don’t many things
Which look straight
End up badly?
And don’t many roads
That are rough
Lead to Treasure Island?
I will give glory to him,
Regardless what happens;
The Lord is good,
All the times;
And all the times
The Lord is good.
The Lord is ever good.
Sing praise and glory
To him.

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