Who can thank him enough?

As you see me laughing
From jaw to jaw,
As you see my face beaming
With smiles,
That is exactly how
My heart glowing;
There is joy in me,
Overflowing in my heart;
Like water above its banks;
Today is a day of joy;
I shall beat my drum;
And dance to a frenzy;
With joy in my bosom;
For today is a day of joy.
No reason do I have
To complain;
And I don’t think you have;
You may say things are bad;
And carry gloom all over;
And really they could be;
But don’t you know
They could have been worse?
Let us celebrate this day;
It’s a lovely day;
A beautiful day
The Lord has given us;
You can’t thank him enough;
Who can thank him enough?
So when you hear the drum;
Get up and dig it out madly.

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