The canker worm we have to eradicate

Hunger is one ill
Consuming the world;
An evil making life
Miserable for millions
Of people
On planet earth;
An ill that ought to
Be eradicated;
In a world of abundance,
Many cannot be living
On crumbs;
Hand outs;
Unable to afford
One good meal
Of their own a day;
Many cannot be begging
To have a bite;
But what makes people
Go hungry?
Because of poverty
They cannot buy food
To eat;
But why poverty
In a world of abundance?
The world has enough
For everybody to be fine;
But why are some so poor?
The greed of others;
The injustice that rocks
The world;
The unfair distribution
Of the world’s resources;
If we wanted
There would be no hunger
In the world;
If we wanted
There would be no poor
In the world;
If we wanted
Nobody would go hungry;
There is enough for all;
All we need is
To remove greed
From our hearts;
To love one another;
To be fair to one another;
To be just to one another,
And everyone will be fine;
Poverty and hunger
Will vamoose from our planet.
Instead of
Being deeply entrenched.
This canker worm
Has to be eradicated.

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