Letter to India

Hello lovely India!
I write to you this day,
To remind you of my love you;
I love India;
I have many Indian friends,
And I love them so much;
I want to let them know
I am back fully on board;
You know we had a plethora
Of sociopolitical setbacks;
And security was down
To its lowest ebb;
Many of you were worried
about me;
I like you to know
God is faithful; I am safe;
The future is bright;
I am fully back for you;
Glad to know you were there
And kept the fort;
I love you,
We have become inseparable.
To my other friends
Who might read this,
I will be writing to you;
Blessings to you all,
To my Indian friends
God bless all of India;
The people and the land.
Written 11 August, 2020.

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