Help me Lord!

When you experience
A slow down
Or go slow
You can do nothing
It’s so frustrating;
And that is often
My plight on the web;
I can’t regularly read
What others write,
Because my phone
Will refuse to open;
It takes time;
And often, I wait,
For long in vain;
And get really fed up;
Suffocating go-slow;
It is not like
The lazy carpenter
Who complains
About his tools;
It’s a live situation
I face daily;
I am looking forward
To the day
This will be over;
So I joyfully read
And like,
And comment on
The works of others;
Blogging is a journey
Of give and take;
You hold my hand,
I hold your hand;
I feel bad taking
Without giving.
So I am asking God:
Help me Lord!
Get me out of this.
You alone can do it.
Let me read what others
And like and comment;
And enhance their work;
And also show I care;
That their work matters;
What others do to us;
To enhance our work,
To help us succeed,
Let us do to others too.
We are team;
We are in it together.

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