What a village boy! Miracle makes him a hero

He was a little. fearful
Village boy
Born and bred.only
In the village;
He had no resources
To go to school;
But knew there was
A big world outside,
Far, far away
From his village;
Where he lived
But had the zeal
To go to school,
And learn and become
Somebody in the world;
A dream that never
Left him alone;
Fast forward,
His miracle occured;
He had a partnership
With God;
And today, he calls
The shots;
That is life;
If you say ‘yes’,
God says ‘yes’ to you.
And from humble
You are lifted
To the highest point
In the sky.
That is exactly how
A villager becomes
A hero.
From villager to hero;
From oblivion to stardom;
What a village boy!

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