A love world

Why is the world
The way it is?
Why is it
So full of evil?
Why is it
That we know what
Is good
For all of us
Yet, we do not
Do it?
We know that love
Is all
The world needs;
But we refuse
To love
One another;
We know
That love builds;
Hate destroys;
But we prefer hate
To destroy,
To love to build;
Why is this so?
Which is easier?
To love
Or to hate?
We know
The golden rule
Which says
Do to others only
As you would like
Done to you;
But still,
We do to others
What we
Wouldn’t like
Done to us;
Who can explain
To me
Why simple things
Are so hard
For us to do?
Which engine
Generates love
And which
Generates hate
In human hearts?
We want
A love world
We do not want,
A hate world;
Give us
A love world.
Help make this
A love world.

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