Words are not enough

I will praise the Lord;
His works in my life
Are amazing;
I will sing praise
And glory to his name;
He is a wonderful God;
A God of miracles
And amazing deeds;
There is no one
To compare with him;
He lifts me up
All the times;
And makes me fly
In a plane of joy;
Rare it is
To come across someone
Like him;
I do think always
Of expressing
My gratitude to him,
But words are not enough.
What can I say
That will reflect
The joy in my heart?
I am an unworthy servant
But see the marvels
He does for me.
See the mountain top
Where he places me.
And makes me stand out
Like a king;
He is so great;
So good.
He is the greatest of all.

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