That man is not normal

That man is not normal;
He is not to be trusted;
He is so unreliable;
He talks without thinking;
Or before he thinks;
And so xthrows words
Here and there;
Runs down others without blinking;
Does this all the times,
And seems to derive much
Pleasure from it;
Honestly, I find him,
To say the least,
He seems so abnormal;
I really wonder
If he is normal;
He claims
Nobody likes him;
And that is true;
The only truth
I have heard him speak;
It is because
He is a wayward man.
He is irresponsible;
He is so unlikeable;
Those for him
Dont truly like him;
They like his power;
His money;
What they can get
From or through him.
When he will fall flat
And it won’t be long,
Even his best friends
Will turn against him.

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