The best of the best

What a wonderful day!
Such a beautiful day;
There has never been
Another like this before
In your life;
The Lord made this day
A special one for you;
That you fully enjoy it;
Also to give your best;
I am here to inspire you;
To get the best and know
You have a lot to offer;
The wide world is waiting;
And watching you to see
What you will offer;
You must give nothing short
Of your best this day
To the world;
That, I urge you to do;
The world gives you so much;
You have got it, give it;
Heaven is also watching
And waiting to smile
And sing, and dance with you;
And laugh from jaw to jaw.
Do you know what you are
Meant to be?
The best;
And truly, that’s you;
You are the best;
And must remain the best;
The best of the best.

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