The irony of life

A few inspiring thoughts came to my mind today; I wish to share them with you.

The irony of life is what the world needs most is what the world gets least. What the world needs least, the world gets most.

These two things are love and hate.

The world needs love most. But the world gets love least.

This accounts for the many conflicts in the world with the results that we all know.

The world needs hate the least. But what the world gets the most is hate.

That accounts for the so much fighting and killing going on.

We all decry the evil in the world and cry for a better world. That is a legitimate cry.

However, our cry seems to be all in vain. Do you know why?

Because while we cry for a better world we continue to pump the world with little and big acts of evil.

That is the tragedy of life.

These little acts of evil mount up to overshadow good.

Refrain from acts of evil. Shun even the smallest acts of evil.

If everybody did this, we would starve evil in the world to death.

If we starve evil in the world to death there will be no choice but for good to take its place.

However, the better deal is while you refrain from evil, deliberately generate good. Don’t wait to manufacture large quantities of good.

Small quantities of good over and over will play the trick.

Do these thoughts. inspire you?

If they do, tell us what they inspire you to do.

If they don’t, share some inspiring thoughts of your own.

Thanks for reading and for sharing.

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