US election: singing to bed tonight

US presidential election;
I was sad;
I am no longer sad;
I felt disappointed;
I am no longer disappointed;
All will be well,
With that election;
Honestly, I am going
To bed tonight
With a melody in my heart;
I am going to bed
Singing a melody
That expresses the joy
In my heart;
I am so happy I can explode;
A great people
Who disappointed me
Are correcting their error;
They are beginning to talk
Just like the people I knew;
They have started
To fight for the values
That make them special;
Now, I see the people
I used to admire
Who lost my admiration;
Now, they have regained it;
Now I see the people
I looked to for leadership
Of the world,
Who lost my confidence;
Now, they have got it back;
My hope for a better world
Has been revived;
My mind is once again
Thank you my friends;
Darkness will never
Destroy light;
You have proven to me.
Politics can still be done
With integrity;
We must not throw our values
To dogs
Because we want to win
An election;
And gain or retain power;
A great nation
That all the world
Is looking up to
Cannot rub herself
In such red mud.
Now you have revived
My hope, America.
I am so pleased with you.
Because, if you mess it,
All the world is messed.
If you get it right,
All the world gets it right

One thought on “US election: singing to bed tonight

  1. Glad this Blog Page
    Expresses Another
    Political View
    That is
    Than Human
    Zombie THERE
    Without Empathy
    Indeed All
    Is Inhumane
    Humanly Disgusting
    What Drive Humans
    This Way
    Of the
    ‘Jesus’ Who
    They Lie They Love
    Replaced or Always
    Orange Revealed As Trump
    Revelation Almost Complete

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