Live by the golden rule

Who wants to take away
My sunshine?
Who wants to take away
My glow?
Who wants to take away
The light of the moon
That falls so brightly
On me?
You must leave me with
My lovely shining star,
To shine bright straight
On me;
As the Lord so designed;
We each have our star;
And each must so shine
As God himself planned;
If you’re always trying
To cover my star
The Lord will make sure
He covers yours too;
Much more he will do;
Leave me with my star
I leave you with your star;
I let your star so shine
You let my star so shine.
That is what we fondly call The golden rule of life.
You don’t stand on my way;
And I don’t stand on your way;
You help me make it big;
And I help you make it big.

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