Put back the train

Over the years, for a very long time, I believed so much in Americans as the most honest people in the world. Probably that was triggered by the values which they projected as believing in and being committed to.

But when I see a dishonest President, and hear Politicians telling blatant lies just to win an election, I am, to say the least, devastated.

I have often told myself that if in the United States, leaders, men and women of high standing can be so corrupt, then the battle between good and evil in the world has been lost to the devil.

I cry.

Can’t God touch the hearts of these people to turn off the road to doom which they have been travelling on for the past four years?

I am deeply touched. In fact,I am touched to to my core because I see all that gave meaning to my life shattered.

You may say this is not my country so why should it matter so much to me.

Yes, it is not my country. I grew to build that America was ideal. I am disillusioned. I am anxiously waiting to hear the derailed train has been put back on the rails.

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