Rise so high

I like when I visit
A site
And find a breeze of inspiration
Sweeping across my mind;
I feel so uplifted
And energized;
Everyday, I thank God;
And pray to him;
That my zeal to learn
Which has never quit me,
May continue to grow;
The search for knowlwdge
Keeps me alert
And vibrant;
An when acquired,
It’s empowering;
I refuse to spend time
However small,
On the negatives of life;
That, to me,
Is pure wastefulness;
We have to maximize time;
It’s human%s most precious commodity,
Our most valuable gift;
Which I prefer to call
The golden gift of life;
My greatest blessing;
Whether we make
Or mar
Depends principally on
How we spend our time.
If you want
To rise and shine,
Exploit it as best you can;
If you want to end up
Sitting on mud,
Then squander it;
Especially the golden years
Of youth;
You will have enough of it
To regret.
But you shouldn’t;
Thsts not my dream for you;
Do you know my dream for you?
Or better still,
Can you guess my dream for you?
To be rise so high
Your hand touches the sky.
I know
That is what you will do.

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