Make no friendship with him

There is someone here,
Who is very dangerous;
A fellow who has caused
Much damage to humanity,
And who is publicly
Condemned by all,
But at the same time,
In hiding, we promote him;
When we find this fellow
With an individual,
We condemn the individual,
But we, on our part,
Go about with him freely;
He helps many people
To amass wealth, rise
To high positions;
Commit all sorts of crimes
And go free;
A very smart but destructive fellow;
And you find him
Everywhere you go
Iin the world;
He is never tired;
And never takes a rest;
And if we don’t fight,
And get rid of him,
Too bad.
Even in homes,
He is present;
And enemy to marriage;
Has destroyed marriages
You can’t imagine.
I hope you know this fellow?
You know him by name;
Very repugnant fellow;
Who brings shame
To all he goes with.
He is called LIES.
Can you now understand
What I mean?
I dont like you
To make friends with him.

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