The pain of rejection

Have you ever been rejected?
Rejection! It pains:
It has many names;
Take whichever you like;
Kicking off;
They all mean the same thing:
The taste so bitter;
The pain acute;
The wound so deep;
Yet, some people do it
Without blinking;
It hurts, indeed;
It really hurts;
It pierces your heart;
Often done thoughtlessly;
Why tear someone’s heart
With rejection
To please your yourself?
Always consider the other;
Don’t go into a relationship
If you know
You will stab your partner
In the back along the way;
Make no one
For no tangible reason
Know the pain of rejection;
As you would not like
To be rejected,
So too does the other;
Don’t forget
The golden rule.

2 thoughts on “The pain of rejection

  1. Ive struggled with the fear of rejection for so many years until recently. It would be so hard for me to take on opportunities because of that fear and the holy spirit saved me really, I dont know how I overcame it.

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