What is your problem?

Do you have a problem?
What is your problem?
If you do, tell me;
If it is worrying you;
Really worrying you;
All you need do is
Let le know;
If you have a problem
That is worrying you,
And worrying you well,
Don’t let it worry you;
Take it to God
The Almighty Helper;
He is there for you;
Very ready to help you;
To rescue you;
To guide you;
To solve your problems;
Talk to him;
Appeal to him for help;
He will not fail you;
He never fails anyone,
If you seek his help ;
He is there for you,
As he is there for me;
He wants us to come
To him
To always come to him;
In good times,
And in bad times;
In times of plenty,
And in times of need,
In hard times as in soft
Do that He will help us.
He will lift us up;
If you have any doubts,
Try him and see
For yourself.
Ho ahead and try him.

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