Tell me about your love

Let us talk love today;
Are you in love,
Or out of love?
Do you know
The pleasure of love,
Or the pain of love;
Are you experiencing
The joy of love
Or the grief of love?
Is love embellishing
Your heart with the flowers
Of happiness
Or wrenching it
With the blade of sorrow?

Love can be sweet,
But it can also be bitter;
It can build
But it can also destroy;
It can edify;
It can also debase;
It is a doubled edged sword;
You must know where
And how
You handle it;
Hold it on the sharp blade,
And it tears open your heart,
Leaving you heart broken💔,
With blood oozing out.

From time immemorial,
We know the nature of love;
Sweet when there is intimacy,
Bitter when there is aloofness.
What I want is a sweet love,
A love that is pure and generous;
Not a love that is selfish,
And heartrending;
Tell me about your love.

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