Divine dictatorship

Whatever God gives you,
Take it with both hands;
That shows respect, humility;
And gratitude;
You don’t hesitate;
Or procrastinate;
You don’t argue
You don’t question;
Who are you questioning;
And who authorized you
To question?
God’s decision is final,
Liked or hated;
It’s not open to debate;
God is not a democrat;
His leadership is autocratic;
God is a dictator;
He doesn’t share powers
With any creature
On earth or in heaven;
And so wisdom calls
That you not only accept it,
You embrace whatever decision he takes;
You succumb to his divine will;
That is how you win his favour;
Humility and obedience
Win his approval;
Arrogance and haughtiness
Do not.
When you always have
At the back of your mind
That God is omnipotent,
Omnipresent and omniscient,
You will welcome
All that comes your way;
The all-knowing God
Knows it before it happens;
And it may not please you
But will be
The best thing for you.
We all fear death,
But Heaven is the best place;
It’s like fearing
To board a plane to go abroad
Once aboad, its a place
You wish you had come earlier.
That’s life!
All God’s decisions
Are wise and good.
That is divine dictatorship;
God’s autocratic leadership.
Always for human good;
For everything give thanks
To God;
And praise and glory
To his mighty and holy name.

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