Writing skills: refine and polish it

There is a gem of an author
I know,
Whose pencraft totally
Fascinates me,
He is about to release
A new best seller;
A master stroke;
That will rock the world.
When this prolific writer
Puts pen to paper,
What he indites is a crowning masterpiece.
He unleashes
A spring of words
That roll out
With the swiftness
Of a fast flowing river
On a hillside;
I have no qualms
To parallel his flow of words
To the speed of light;
Formidable penmanship
He had authored many
Enduring literary pieces
Comparable only
To the wordsmithery
Of the legendary wordsmiths
Of old:
People who dedicated time
To refine and polish
Their writing proficiency;
And their efforts earned
Universal acclaim for them;
We ought to emulate them;
Burning the midnight oil
Is not old-fashioned,
As some unschooled minds
Have insinuated;
We need it.
What I do highly recommend,
To refine and polish
Your writing prowess.

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