Be a tardigrade

If you want to be a bird
Be a common swift;
If you cannot be a common swift,
Be an alpine swift;
That failing, be a great frigate bird;
Don’t be anything else.
And if you want to be an animal,
Be a tardigrade;
I know what I talk about.
If you drop to rock bottom,
Do not say you are finished;
That is far from the truth;
Say instead you are lucky;
And why would that be so?
The position you occupy;
From there,
No way again to fall;
You can only rise;
How can you fear to fall,
Now that
You are already down;
You get up and dust yourself,
And on you keep going;
Nothing great ever came
On a platter of gold;
Fight for yours,
Even when you bleed,
From wounds sustained
From your fight.
Be a tardigrade;
The water bear that knows
No defeat;
Let the rain drops drip on,
Till, on the rock,
They burst a hole;
Who can stop you?
Who is strong enough
To stop your victory
When you are so determined
And resilient,
To face and overcome
The challenges on your way?

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