Has the devil taken control of the earth?

Who is not highly tempted to believe that the leader of the Evil Kingdom of the universe, the Devil Incarnate, has permanently moved residence from hell to planet earth, with headquarters in their own country?

Fears are rife in many this is so. There is every indication the devil is lurking on earth today more than ever before.

Together with his agents, they have built their abodes in different neighborhoods and parade the streets with impunity and cause havoc without blinking, to satisfy their devilish whims and caprices. Were this not so, how would we explain the ‘streams of blood flowing’ on our planet?

How do we justify the Blood baths and gruesome acts of murder taking geometric dimensions all around the place? By day and by night, whether people are asleep or awake, the devil and his agents maraud our paths in innumerable rounds, hopping in and out of homes, causing disaster, and igniting fear and tears in many eyes.

Someone has aptly described the atrocities we are witnessing all over the world as “outright insanity”.

Can we continue to pretend not to see the inhuman, devious acts committed around us?

Who is not horrified by “the gruesome butchering to death of people by armed men?

The traumatic story is told of a woman whose two hands were tied behind her back and she was tortured mercilessly by predators who sliced her throat, pulled her aggressively away with blood oozing out and was later beheaded?

This traumatic story is not an isolated case. A man named Christopher Tanjoh was butchered in his home; another, Pipaya Ibrahim was killed and dumped in a river, a lady by name Florence Ayafor was slaughtered like a cow in September 2019; Treasure Keno’s head was chopped off and body dumped in a river; while Isaila Saidou was hacked to death in his village.

The upsurge in bloody acts of terror in the world that has generated outrage everywhere.

Who can say we have seen the worst? It looks clear the worst is still on its way. It is bidding its time and unless something is done, it won’t be easy.

We have stained our hands indelibly with blood. Cruelty, horror never before seen and never before imagined, perpetrated by a deranged specie has invaded the earth. Strangely, and beyond all expectations, one hears supposedly learned men and women revelling in the barbaric drama.

One cannot understand if it is because they or their close ones have not fallen victim.

We must know, undoubtedly, that all victory has a cost. But the question that must be asked is: how far are we prepared to go for victory? How much are we ready to pay? Is it victory at all cost? Are we for Pyrrhic victory?

In every society, there are people who are ready to pay any price, sacrifice their parents, their brothers and sisters and progeny to become champions.

There are people whose ambition for power or wealth is so vaulting they kill to get it. Hence, we hear of blood money; and blood victory. Is this our choice? Could the same destination be reached without such a high cost? If we cannot get to our destination by car, can’t we go by bike, bicycle, horseback, plane, train, sea. The safest way for all the travellers is always the best.

Let no one ever lose sight of the fact that there is always a day of reckoning.

We have to know what type of victory we are ready to sue for; and what its cost will be.

There is victory that is worthwhile and victory that is not worth while. There is victory that brings joy; and victory that brings sorrow even to the one who has plucked it.

Victory becomes a tragedy when it draws tears from countless eyes; when wives wail, husbands cry like babies; children lament; when parents mourn.

The reign of terror we are enduring in today’s world, and which is making many of the living envious of those who have departed to eternity, does not denote the type of victory we aspire to achieve. Instead, it presages woeful failure.

The international community is making as though they were not aware of the storms we are traversing; which gives credence to the thesis that they are the fomenters of these troubles, even if from time to time they make believe they condemn them.

Often, we brain wash people with slogans like “You cannot have omelets without breaking eggs”

We cannot continue to doubt that the devil incarnate is among us. But what do we do? Live with him? What if he devours us as he has many?

Who will be the next victim?

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