We are in love

I have something special,
To tell you;
I want to tell you
My mind;
My true mind;
My raw mind;
Without mincing words;
But wait a minute;
What am I telling you?
Is it my heart,
Or my mind?
Simple answer:
My mind and my heart;
I know you know it already;
You know the content
Of my mind;
What is lodged in my heart;
Ask me how I know;
Of course, I know;
I read from your eyes;
The way you look at me;
The way your eyes glitter;
The writing is clear;
It’s well carved out,
In very bold letters
I read the word LOVE;
Straight message;
Simple and clear:
You love me;
You are telling me,
You love me;
And do you know one thing?
I love you too;
I haven’t had the courage
All along to tell you;
But now I do;
I can’t hide it any more;
My emotions have
Outgrown my heart;
The river has overflown
Its banks;
The truth has come out
In black and white;
For all to see;
Especially for you to see.
You love me;
I love you.
We are in love.

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