A struggle to survive

On the day that life

Moves in your favour,

Your heart is sweet,

Isn’t it?

Tell me what happens

On the day it doesn’t?

Of course, your heart

Will not be sweet;

Rather, it will be bitter;

Those are

The two extremes we have

In our world;

Life is torn

Between bitter and sweet;

Evil and good;

Failure and success;

Sadness and happiness;

Satan and God.

Since sin sneaked into

Our planet,

From Evil kingdom

And took lodging

In the human💓 heart;

And corrupted it,

It has been a struggle

For humans

To free themselves

From the fangs of sin;

It is a permanent struggle,

To run from

The snares of the Devil,

Into the safe arms of God.

As you wriggle

To free yourself

From the shackles of sin,

To take refuge in

The cosy bosom of God,

To find

Everlasting happiness

In his heavenly kingdom,

The Devil is on your heels

Pursuing you;

He wants to devour you.

You make a sumptuous meal

For him.

You have to be watchful;

Vigilance is imperative,

Not optional;

The open mouth

Of the whale is waiting

For you

In the Devil’s deep sea

Its a struggle

To survive

In this jungle

In which we live.

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