Anniversary month

Apprise me of what you treasure,
And I will cue you in
On what I cherish
About this September month;
The ninth of the year,
Summer month;
Don’t say you can’t;
That it has just begun;
The indicators
Are plentiful;
Already, I see,
It promises to be
A fine month;
An excellent time;
Fantastic 30 days;
Many thrilling activities
Have been earmarked;
This month of my birth;
Of happy birthday;
Anniversary month;
I invite you
To come celebrate with me,
Starting on this day one,
Thanking God
For his unparalleled
Mercy over the years;
In gratitude
To my Guardian Angel,
Whose love and care
Surpass my expectations;
He has accompanied me
Through thick and thin;
In rain and in sunshine;
In bright
And in dull weather;
When the sky is bright
And clear,
And when it is dark
And dull;
This month, my birth month;
Come light a candle for me;
And let’s give God the glory.

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