Poor you

Do you know what it means?
Do you even know what I am talking of?
I am talking of millions
Of people
Not able to oust one man,
A tyrant from power;
Is it not a disgrace?
Pure and simple, it is;
Especially when the man
Is demented;
When the man is confused;
A blatant liar;
Morally depraved;
How can one single soul
Mobilise people enough
To bar the way
To millions of people?
I will be the first
To laugh at the people;
All the people,
Of that country;
Imagine the big brains;
The country we all admire;
And look up to;
Unable to say a no
To someone they know
And the world sees
To be a lunatic!
Disgrace, pure and simple;
We have to be serious;
Those blindly supporting
A lunatic;
Those of you who
Sheepishly support
For in reality
That is what it is,
Do you know
What you are doing
To your country?
Do you love your country?
Please, be serious;
Fly above mediocrity.
Fly high.
You have a chance to regain
Your lost reputation.
Poor you if you squander it.

One thought on “Poor you

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