Up and running

When we, humans, go down
And reach the bottom,
We start to go up;
When we do go up
And reach so high,
We start to go down;
This, we do, all our lives,
We are either going up,
Or we are going down;
We never stand still;
And are never resting;
Always we are on the move;
Ever busy;
Which keeps our brains
Awake and active;
Making our bodies strong
And more functional.
More resistant;
But if you opt to stand still,
You are bound to vegetate;
And none was born for that ;
You aren’t meant to vegetate;
But to be up and running;
That is what you have to be.
Up and running;
On all your toes,
You must be up and running;
Up and running
Up and running very fast.

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