Think before you act

Each time you want to act,
Ask yourself if what you
want to do is correct;
Will it benefit you and

Do not act without having
And making sure that what
you are doing is the right
thing to do.
This is how you reduce the
margin of wrong
and increase the margin of
This is how you avoid evil
and do more good;
This is how you decrease
the volume of evil in the
world and increase
the volume of good.

Never act without thinking;
Never act before you think.
Always think before you act.
And bear in mind that all
is vanity;
And let nothing anger you;
Let nothing upset you;
No matter who you are,
Or what you are,
After everything, you are
an ordinary human being;
Not different from others.

There is nothing you can do
That has never been done;
There is nothing that can
happen to you
That has not happened
To many others before.
Surrender your life to God,
And be ready to accept
And thank him for his will.

Prudence is a key word;
Thread slowly but surely;
Let no burden weigh too
much on you
As to pull down your shoulders;
Never let your spirits sag.
Even if your spouse
Turns their back on you
And runs off with another sweetheart,
With you in the cold,
Life continues, doesn’t it?

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