Talking too much

Language, a tricky tool;
For dialogue,
And sharing;
For negotiation;
And business;
A gift of God to humans;
To use it well is wisdom;
So stop talking too much;
Why are you so talkative?
Stop running your mouth;
It’s not wise
To be so vocal like you;
Worse, to be as flippant;
It’s not every thought
Which comes to mind
That you must pour out;
Who made it for the world?
It’s not all happenings
That you see,
That you must discuss;
It’s not everything
That you hear
That you must recount.
It’s not every question
That you are asked
That you must answer;
You must keep much
Of what you hear
To your self.
Say only what
You have to;
Lest you be accused
Of being too talkative.
Of gossip;
For when you
Chew the fat,
When you talk
More than required,
You’re bound to babble,
Say more than you should;
When chattering
Is your trademark;
Loquacity your motto;
A lot of precious time
You squander;
Make this your rule
Of life:
See more than you say;
Hear more,
And say less.
It is better
To keep your mouth shut,
To seal it;
Than to turn it into
A tap of
The running water
Of empty words.
When you talk,
Weigh your words;
Don’t spread them
Like stray bullets
That may hit unintended.

Spinning yarns or chewing the fat?

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