I want to do like you

Can you guess what I want
to do?
Who can read my mind?
Who has the gift to read
I want to do like you;
To inspire someone today;
I see you do it so well;
You sail through it swift,
Like a bird that flows
Through the white clouds
High up in the sky;
You get me so inspired
all the days of my life;
If I can do like you do,
That will give much joy
To me indeed;
I will do it to everyone
That I meet;
So they may get inspired,
Exactly like I am;
Since you inspire me
And I do the best I can;
To succeed here in life.
Do you see the great job
You do?
Your greatness is coming.
It is on its way,
How can I ever thank you

A beautiful soul you have.
Like the flowers
I have outside my home.
That make the place like
Honey to my eyes.

If ever someone make me
That is you.
I want to be like you.
I want to do like you.

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