Powerful man?

Is the man powerful?
To be honest and fair,
He is a powerful man;
He can do and undo;
If he says he cannot,
Know it can’t be done;
Unless you’re strong;
You can never beat him;
You can’t break his back;
He is like an iron rod;
You can’t win him
In a wrestling match;
He is the modern Goliath;
A true giant among us;
An elephant;
But this time around
He has missed his mark;
He is deep in trouble;
What he never expected;
He’s been taken unawares;
Caught like a rat
In daylight;
In his own trap;
But as you can see,
It’s taken real effort;
All the best minds,
To crush him;
He knows the tricks;
All the dirty tricks;
All the evil methods,
To find his way;
And that is just where
The problem lies;
Victory that’s twisted;
That’s not straight
Ends one up in mud;
Clean victory is real;
Dirty victory is fake;
Fake victory is evil;
Better not to win,
Than win through dirty,
unscrupulous means.
Better be down and die
Than to climb to the top,
And fall a mighty fall,
Like a tall edifice
That comes down
And ends in a heap.

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