Don’t be jealous!

Don’t be jealous!
Did you get me well?
You should not
be envious of anybody;
Envy won’t help you;
It will hurt you;
It has hurt many;
They allowed it to
grip them;
And it destroyed them;
That is boomerang;
When you find it
Taking up its ugly head
In you, hit it hard;
Give it a knock out blow;
Don’t hit it lightly;
Hammer hard;
Let it fall once
and for all;
That is called
A knock out blow.
If you choose to play
around with it,
It will enter you
More and more;
Before you know it,
It has gripped you
In a way
That you will find hard
To wriggle yourself out.
Then you become captive;
A prisoner;
A slave of Jealousy;
Which is not good for you
or anyone.
It will end up devouring
you like an easy prey.
Or like a wild bush fire
Consuming grass and trees
On its way.
That is how dangerous
Envy can be,
If it grips a human heart.
The best thing then,
Don’t be jealous!
If you find signs
Of envy threatening
To grip you, don’t allow it;
Nib it in the bud
When you see it shooting
Up from the ground
Like spear grass.
I say this to inspire you
To stay clear of
one of the greatest
to your success in life.

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