Share today 1

“Sharing”, as someone has said, “is caring’. If you care, you will share. If you don’t are, you will keep all that you have to yourself.

Caring is loving. To care means to love.

We are inviting those who care to share with us.

There is always something to share. We can always love and care.

When many people hear the word share, their minds immediately go to money or material things.

Yes, of course, we can share money or material things if we want, but that is not all that we can share.

We can share love. We can share information, knowledge, ideas. We can share our time. We can share the word of God.

On this site we will share as much as we can; anything we can to inspire, motivate, encourage, and help one another on our journey to realize our highest potential.

The first thing I would like the first person to share is knowledge. When I was using a laptop, I could easily find my past post and reedit and repost. With android, I am unable to do it. Who can share how to do it?

By the way, what do you thing of this idea of sharing? On this site we believe very much in solidarity blogging. Helping one another succeed. What do you think?

Thanks for reading and blessings to you!

We share what we know;
We share what we have;
We share all our blessings;
Because we care.

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