Poverty in luxury

In the midst of plenty
Many, of starvation, are
And yet, proudly we call
Ours a just world;
Is it a just world?
It must be a fake one;
How do we explain,
That we have so much that
can go round;
And so much we throw away,
So much we feed the dogs;
Yet, people are dying of
Reduced to beggars;
While some live from hand
to mouth;
Poverty in luxury;
Is that the world which
our creator gave us?
Isn’t that an aberration?
Who is fooling who here?
Ours is an unjust world;
A greedy world;
Where wickedness beats
Love and care hands down.
Where dog eats dog;
We cannot continue in
such a way;
Change is imperative;
God meant us to have love;
To have caring hearts;
To be each other’s keeper;
Nothing has to separate us;
Neither color,
Nor seas nor mountains,
Neither language nor status;
We are all one;
And indivisible specie,
Solidly bound together;
Concretely cemented
By the same basic needs;
One person’s joy ought
to be everyone’s joy;
Similarly, one person’s sorrow,
Everyone’s sorrow;
Hands in gloves,
We ought gently to walk
Down the street of life.
Out of the question
For some people to be fine
while others are suffering.
Some cannot be swimming
in a sea of wealth,
While many are dying
In a desert of poverty;
That is not a just world.

Poverty and opulence.

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