What a lovely day!

Athis day is Wednesday
And I send you greetings
And prayers,
That this day be a joyous
day for you;
That tons of blessings pour
on you;
That your smiles multiply,
That you find no reason to shed a tear!
That you stay safe;
That angels and saints surround you as you go
And as you come;
That this day be a magnificent day for you;
That whether you stay at home
Or you go out,
That the day be a glorious one.
With sweet thoughts flowing through your mind;
That you love and be loved;
That your light brightly shines;
That happiness be yours;
That you have what you need;
That prosperity should be yours;
That the people you meet this day
Should be kind and loving
To you;
That your work should be good in
the eyes of God and man.
That this day should be a lovely day for you!
A fantastic day, indeed;
That you be highly motivated;
With your spirits high,
That you feel bold
And confident;
This is the day that the Lord has made.
It is a beautiful day;
With starry skies;
And clouds white like snow.

Tell me how you feel reading this about today.

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