Which is better?

Life is an unbroken chain
of choices;
We must take time
To make the right choices.
To live rightly.

Which is better;
To suffer today
And enjoy tomorrow,
Or to enjoy today
And suffer tomorrow?

Which is better?
To be down today
And up tomorrow,
Or to be up today
And down tomorrow?

Which is better?
To agree to do something
And fail to do it,
Or to refuse to do it
And in the end do it?

Which is better?
To go to bed late
And get up late
The next morning,
Or to go to bed early
And get up early
The next morning?

Which is better?
To have money
And lack friends,
Or to have friends
And lack money?

Which is better?
To be rich
But live a sickly life,
Or to be poor
But live a healthy life?

Which is better?
To marry a rich person
And live in opulence
But have daily fights
With your spouse,
Or to marry a poor person,
Live in abject poverty
But peacefully
and happily with your spouse?

All on our own
We may not make
The best choices
We need the Holy Spirit
To do so.
Luckily, he is always
available to us.

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