The senselessness I see,
In this land,
I never saw anywhere before;
The useless, pointless, fruitless,bloody fighting
Our cherished land;
Fighting that is so
meaningless, aimless and
Fighting that has brought
us nothing but suffering
and pain;
Ruinous fighting;
Who has ever seen
Anything so foolish?
Many I see, behave so stupid,
It’s so hard to understand;
I feel so damn pissed up;
We do things we shouldn’t,
To boost our ego;
Senseless killings;
Outrageous crimes;
Murders, torture, burnings;
Carried out
Under our watchful eyes;
And what has that brought?
To our doorsteps,
Death, and nothing but death;
Death and more deaths;
We kill to be killed;
You kill just to feel great;
And because you kill;
You are killed;
What has been gained?
Zero! absolutely nothing;
Sheer madness, isn’t it?
See the number of people
Who have died;
senseless killings;
What have we gained?
Instead, we have lost:
Lost people ,
Lost property,
Lost security;
Lost peace;
Lost our senses;
Lost trust;
Lost love;
Lost money;
Lost our sanity;
What senselessness!
All we have gained is:
Trauma and more trauma;
Suffering and more suffering;
While somebody is feeding
on our family blood;
Feeding fat.
This is mindless
It’s totally unproductive; Absurd, ludicrous.
It is time we come back
To our senses;
Gather the broken pieces;

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