The immense power of encouragement

This post is about encouragement, a success tool that has been known to do marvels in the lives of many. You will see that it is a very good thing to encourage others and to be open to encouragement. Talking about to encourage others, we mean to motivate, inspire, invigorate, bouy up, to spur, to enliven people when their spirits are down, when they have lost steam and we want to stimulate them to continue to fight for what they want.


If you welcome encouragement,
And are blessed to have people
Who encourage you,
Count yourself lucky
What you can achieve
Thanks to encouragement,
Can be astonishing;
The power of encouragement
Is formidable, immense;
It can fuel your spirits,
Buoy you up,
Propel you to the top;
It can lift you from the foot
Of the mountain
To it’s summit,
Before you know it;
If you get stuck on the way
To the promised land
Of achievement,
Look for encouragement
To fortify your mental prowess;
To invigorate your spirits;
Enliven your heart and mind;
Spur you on
Not to give up;
But to stick to it;
To fight for it;
To go for it;
You need encouragement
To remind you
That nothing worthwhile comes
easily in life;
To enable you
To stay strong;
Knowing that you can;
When the challenge ahead
Seems insurmountable,
Encouragement can cause it
To melt like dew on grass
in the early morning sun;
Encouragement inspires
And motivates you to rise
To your destiny;
To go out of your comfort zone
And conquer the world;
It spurs you to see,
That the best is yet to come;
That you can turn
Your stumbling blocks
Into steppingstones;
That is why we must be open
to encouragement;
Don’t turn your back
When it comes,
Don’t shut your door to it;
And also be generous
With your words of encouragement to others;
Set them afloat on the ocean of life;
Like a loose missile;
Searching for an obstacle
On its way to hit.
Like bird of prey,
that goes out to hunt,
It won’t come back empty.
Encouragement is a catalyst
which needs to be exploited
in and out of the classroom
for better achievement.

6 of my best encouragement quotes which can fire you up:

  1. when I am in doubt about my ability to achieve what I want starts to get hold of me, I remember the encouraging words of Theodore Roosevelt: “Believe you can and you’re half way there.”
  2. When I feel weakened by fear, I remember the empowering words of J. K Rowling: “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”
  3. There are times things are too slow for my liking. I will want success but won’t see it coming as fast as I want. Confucius is always close by to invigorate me with his words:”It doesn’t matter how slow you go as longas you don’t stop.”
  4. If you are doing something and encounter a difficulty which may tempt you to want to quit, get encouragement from Albert Einstein, ” In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. “
  5. If you think that darkness is synonymous to failure, you are mistaken. Listen to the voice if OG Mandino:”I will live the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”
  6. If you think only others born to achieve and not you, what about drawing from Oprah Winfrey: “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.”


Dear friend, it is with joy in my heart that I write to encourage you as you pursue your efforts in blogging.

It is an exciting endeavour that can reap many rewards for you like making friends all over the world, having the joy of writing and being read and appreciated by people you don’t know.

At the same time, it is very challenging. You have to work very hard to get noticed let alone make your mark. But it can be done. Many have done it and if they can, you too can.

I encourage you to keep going; learning and growing as you go. When the low moments come, look for encouragement. You will find it everywhere on the web even around you. Let it propel you to your ivory tower, where your golden crown is waiting for you.


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