US presidential election

It’s less than two months
To go;
Americans and the world
Will know
Which of the two men, incumbent Donald Trump
Or former vice President
Joe Biden,
Would lead the country
For the next four years.
Campaigning has intensified; These seven weeks ahead
are critical;
The Democratic candidate
Joe Biden still leads;
Mr. Trump is behind;
The margin nationwide
is considerable;
Including the swing States.
But what lies ahead,
No one can say;
Who will win? Who will lose?
No one can say;
Maybe you have your favourite candidate;
I have mine;
You have your reasons;
I have mine;
Who is right?
Who is wrong?
God alone knows.
The secrets of the future
Are unknown to us;
To God alone are they known.
The truth is
On that day, the truth
will be known;
We will know
What God has decided for us.
Who will be the one;
Who will be celebrating,
And who will be in tears;
He has all the wisdom
And the power.
He already knows
What we are dying to know.

9 thoughts on “US presidential election

  1. I made my choice and it is not Trump, we need to be united as a country, we need a leader who won’t lie to us as a people. However, I pray that in the end that victory will be the Lord and not ours.

  2. You’re right in saying only God knows the outcome of the coming election. I’m glad I don’t know, because if I knew that Trump would be reelected I don’t know what I would do. I cannot imagine four more years of this. I believe God gave us freewill and in a democracy we vote for president. The God I worship would never have chosen Donald Trump to be our president. God allowed the American people under the questionable rules of the Electoral College to elect Trump and make the biggest mistake the American electorate has ever made. God is with us and it is only with His help that the majority of Americans have been able to withstand all that Trump has done in the last 3.5 years. The fact that we now know that Trump lied and continues to lie to the American people about the Covid-19 pandemic is the last straw. A person who would have such disdain for the truth was not ordained by God to lead my country. To-date, 192,616 Americans have died due to Covid-19 and, although Trump claims we’ve turned the corner, the truth is that the pandemic is still out-of-control in the US. A person who would separate children from their parents and put them in cages was not ordained by God to lead my country. I assume by your spelling of the word favorite that you do not live in the US. I respect your right to have your opinion. It just doesn’t completely coincide with mine. But that’s the beauty of the internet and the blogosphere. We can freely exchange ideas and opinions. I strive to agreeably disagree with those with whom I have political difference, so I hope you accept my comment in the spirit in which it is offered. Thank you for your thought-provoking blog.

    • Thanks for your opinion so strongly expressed. I do agree with you. I am not American but as soon as Mr. Trump’s name was announced in 2016 as having won, I told myself “Americans have made the greatest mistake since the founding of their land.” With what has gone on for the last four years, I think that mistake was bigger than it looked then. This is the time to correct it.

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