Who Americans will vote for in 2020

Do you know who Americans
will vote for in 2020?
Have you decided who
To vote for this 2020?
I want to tell you
Who to vote for in 2020;
Who you must vote
To be your president;
That is if you are a US citizen
And are qualified to vote.

You cannot afford to make
a mistake in voting;
And I fear many might make
A mistake;
You have two candidates;
The choice is very clear;
Don’t tell me you are blind;
Or are not yet decided;
If you are still undecided,
Let me guide you;
If it means changing your
mind, you better do;
If you have decided wrongly;
You have no choice
But to change your mind.

Vote only for the better
Of the two candidates,
Who will deliver the goods;
The one in whom you believe;
Whom you can trust;
Who will protect your interest
While in office;
The one who will make
the economy strong;
Who will promote love
In your community and country,
And in the world;
Who is not racist;
Who will make you proud
To be an American;
Who will make your country
Respected around the world.

Don’t vote on party lines;
And don’t be carried away
By sentiments;
Have a cold head;
And pay no attention
To party propaganda;
Vote for a strong president;
Who has respect for others;
And who is respected by others;
Who has a kind heart;
A person of integrity;
Who has not done things
that make you ashamed;
Don’t vote for someone
Who tells lies.

None of the candidates
has all the qualities
needed in a president
But you know who is better;
If you don’t, read my lips;
That is the candidate
to vote for;
I know you know;
Because you are honest
with yourself;
You are a true American;
An honest person;
A person of integrity;
Do what you will be proud of;
Of those two candidates,
one is a leader,
the other is not;
Choose the leader;
Do not choose the one
who lacks the qualification
to lead your great country.
A giant country like yours
Should not be led by an incompetent person.
Do not vote for someone
Who will destroy
Your values;
Especially democracy
Honesty and integrity;
Your forefathers fought so hard for them.
If you vote for the wrong person,
You have wasted your vote.

I am confident Americans
Will vote for a leader who
is mature;
Who will lead by example;
Who is likable;
Who is a respectable man;
A person of high moral standards;
I trust them.
I know who they will elect.

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