If a leader lies

How will you feel
If you discover
That your leader
Is a liar;
That he has lied
to the people?
That he finds
his way in life
through lying?
That he is dubious?
A falsifier?
Will you still
believe him?
Will you still
trust him?
Will you still
respect him?
Me, I wouldn’t;
I believe him;
A leader should
not lie;
A leader should be
An example;
A role model;
He is not to lead
In lies telling
But in truth telling;
He is not to lead
In dishonesty
But in honesty;
He should not be
But scrupulous;
If a leader lies,
He losses my support.
It is a shame
for a leader to lie;
He brings disgrace
to the people
Who voted him;
It’s disgraceful;
Others will say
‘Birds of a feather
Flock together’;
If you find someone
who tells lies,
distance yourself
from him.
He is not worthy of
Your companioship;
Your support.

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