Aren’t we lost?

Where are we heading to?
Where are our values?
Where have we hung them?
Do we still care about integrity?
And moral rectitude?
It seems we’ve thrown
Those values to the dogs;
We have trampled on them;
Even as I speak;
Some of us
Are disgracing ourselves,
Fighting for people
of dirty repute.
Pretending to be unaware
Of their atrocities.
That is odious;
shameless hypocrisy.
That is disgraceful.
The way I see it;
Unless we amend our ways
We are headed straight
For destruction
of our planet.
Who will rescue us?
Only us;
Our actions alone.
Our right actions;
Leave God out;
He’s already played his part;
Let’s play ours;
You play yours;
I play mine;
No more pretending;
Do the right thing you know;
Honesty must come back.
Truth and integrity;
Let them come back on board.
We guarantee the safety
Of our world.

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