Broke our hearts

We just got the news;
Sad news indeed;
That makes our hearts
bleed with sorrow;
A young man
Who was so full of hope
And promise;
Who gave comfort
To many hearts;
Was a source of inspiration
To many;
And encouraged others
To ahead for the best,
Has kicked the bucket
in front of us;
Passed on to eternal glory;
All hopes about him
dashed to the rocks;
And he is not alone,
To break many hearts;
Surely, you know some
Who were full of hope
And promise also;
Who looked destined
For the greatest heights;
To move mountains,
Who were admired
And envied by many;
But you got up one day,
And the news stared you
blankly in the eyes;
They had been called home
To eternity;
So what’s life?
Vanity as we are told;
Why do we fret over worldly possessions?
We fuss over
our place under the sun;
We waste time in worry;
And build mountains
of earthly property.
But soon our eyes close,
Never to open again.
Vanity is life;
All the labour,
All the effort,
All the noise we make,
is naught.
And when we go,
What shall be left of us?
Shall we be remembered?
What shall we be
Remembered for?
What shell people say about us?

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