History in the making

How ironical it will be!
How ridiculous, indeed!
If people who fought
tooth and nail
To undo dictatorship, impunity;
and tyranny
Will turn around,
And fall for it,
Mighty United States of America
Poised to make history;
Mighty America
About to create
her first dictator;
The 2020 US election
Will decide
Whether the US will remain
a democracy
Or become a kingdom
With her first dictator
In the 244 years
Of her history.
That shall be history;
And will offer the world
A monumental laughing stock;
Do you see this possible?
Not with the people I know;
The no nonsense people;
It can only be over
their dead bodies;
But, since no one ever knows;
Let’s wait and see.
Maybe, truly, history
Is in the making.
Election 2020!

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