Safe and peaceful world

We must get rid of them outrightly.
We must get rid of these culprits;
Who are causing havoc
All over the place,
We must bring them to book;
Let us say it point blank,
We must speak
Without mincing words;
We want a safe world;
A peaceful world;
We are sick and tired of
Those who are responsible
For the high crime rate,
They will pay for it;
The wave of criminality sweeping
Through our communities,
Is a great cause
for concern;
Who creates these criminals?
Who is responsible
for these
dangerous men and women
who terrorize the world?
It’s hard to believe
That humans are capable
Of the heinous crimes
We bear witness to daily;
Were these hardened
rogues born and bred
In crime cities or in normal families?
See them move about
like decent humans,
But are in reality gangsters;
They have no hearts;
Wild beasts that they are;
What they do best is destruction;
Champions of trouble,
Ruining the world,
By their erosive, dreadful actions;
Breaking into homes;
Harassing people;
Heartless, cruel,
Merciless souls;
True enemies of the people.
They are misfits here;
It is a shame to find people
engaged in destruction
without blinking;
Taking so much pride in
Taking away human life.
Such enemies of their people.
A big shame that homes
produce such evil.
And we complain of evil
in the world;
When we generate it
in our own very homes.
We cannot let it go on
As it is doing.
Stop crime wave in the world.
We want a safe world;
A peaceful world.
That is what we want.

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