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Success Equilibrium

What do you think success is? What do you think equilibrium is? Is there any synergy between the two?

Success is not what most of us think it is. Many think success is being the richest man in the whole world. No, it is not? Success is not about comparing yourself with others, which is what leads many people to the wrong path when it comes to getting riches and being wealthy.

Success is all about making progress per time. Success is comparing your achievement with your set goals. When you consider many factors externally, you have examined others, you have learned from your role models, then you sit down, putting all those external factors together, and put down what you want to be in life. Your vision! Then, you break your vision down into achievable parts per time. As you achieve a particular goal, you are successful in that area, success is all about making progress.

success equilibrium

What I consider as Success Equilibrium is found in this common expression by people, “Work and Pray.” To be successful in life, we need to work and pray at the same time. Many countries and people work and neglect prayers, many pray for success and neglect work. These two has to be balanced, the work aspect is your own part, and the prayer aspect is God’s part.

If you look at the most successful countries and people of the world, they don’t joke with their works, and they don’t play games with God. We have many people that are working hard, and they are not forging ahead. We also have people that are praying hard, and they are recording no success. There must be equilibrium, a balance, between working hard and praying hard in order to record a good success in life.

Conclusion: I strongly believe that all factors that trigger success are already embedded in the Principle of Work and Pray. If you think any is left out, share it with me and other readers. Thanks!

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Planning: An Essential Ingredient in the Recipe for Success

This post just serves as a reminder for an important aspect of life that is required to be successful. Planning
Everyone desires success in life. It is frustrating when all efforts proof abortive in whatever we lay our hands upon. Many people don’t even research into why they fail in a particular endeavor. Most times, the reason is not far-fetched, among many likely causes of failure is not planning. There is this general quote that, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” You cannot bumble through life and expect success.
Planning is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. You have to count the cost before you set out for any venture, you have to think and put down how to go about it. You don’t need to assume you know how to have it done, you have to put down the steps required and follow it as you carry out the task.
Another advantage of planning is that you have a blueprint to measure your progress against in order to achieve the set goals which is the simple definition of success. Success, to me, is the achievement of set goals per time, and planning helps to make it done.

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sits not down first, and counts the cost, whether he has sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, saying, this man began to build and was not able to finish

(Luke 14:28 – 30).

Bury the Past

What does it mean to bury? When any living thing dies, the best decision to be taken is to bury it. Why?

  • It was made from the earth, from soil, and definitely, it has to return to where it was formed, it was the Spirit that is the real man,
  • To get it out of sight to tackle the psychological effect that, others will also die one day,
  • To prevent the stench that is very dangerous to our health.

If someone that we dearly love dies, do we cry forever? God forbids bad happening to us, we have to mourn, and then forget it. The same measure has to be taken concerning our pasts, the past happenings. “Bygone is gone”, we cannot allow the rope of the past to tie us down. The past is a dead issue, if we brood over it at all, it should be for a short time, we learn from it, and we allow it to go.

GIF Crying

Whether success or failure, we have to let our past go in order to have new things done, in order to have new success recorded. Past achievement keeps one handicapped, it puts end to better achievements, if we dwell on it. If we dwell on what had happened in the past, it is always dangerous.

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There was a young man that was left by his fiancée, and he couldn’t let it go. He gave it a thought every now and then, he was so dejected that he later got sick and he died in the hospital. That was what the past and its happenings specialize on, if not well-handled, it puts a halt to better achievements and every progressive movement.


There was a man called Abraham, his wife died at a good old age, yet he couldn’t let go, he cried and cried that he nearly killed himself. Then, he was told to stop brooding and crying over a dead matter, he was commanded to bury Sarah’s body, not Sarah, she has ascended to heaven, the Spirit is the real man. If he possessed a good mentality, he is supposed to know he was dwelling in a wrong abode, and he was taking a wrong approach. What he was sitting down with and brooding on is just a soil, not his wife.

He is supposed to be thinking of the right step to take at the present, and have it in mind that in the future, they would meet in Heaven. The best treat to give to the past is to bury it, learn from it, forget it, and take the right steps in the present moment that will lead to a greater future. That is the best way to treat the past: to apply the lessons from it to today in order to make the future better.

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Your Grit is Very Vital to Your Success

Life is not fair they say,

Life will never give you what you deserve,

But out of whatever it gives you,

You can make your desire to be.

While you don’t forget that,

One of the tools to use is your grit.

determination 2

Your determination!

Yes, your determination.

Your determination is very paramount,

When it comes to successful accomplishment,

In life and any endeavor.

If you are not determined,

When what you desire is lemonade,

And life throws lemon at you,

You would make your desire, lemonade,

Out of it.

But without grit,

You would have thrown it away,

Before you realize,

That something good can come,

Out of every seemingly bad situation.

With your grit in place

Something sweet can come out,

Of every bitter experience.

Be Childlike

Children don’t brood on matters like men

Children don’t stay with people that live in a den

Children don’t live continuously with a yen

Learn the way they caper like hens

Learn the way they don’t sit on the fence

Their words they don’t mince

In their hearts, they don’t keep malice

With their hands, they don’t deal with fake merchandise

Love they have as the only franchise

Be childlike, but not childish

Be joyful always and be jolly

Do not be a harpy while you are happy

And do not practice a folly.

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Small Minds Vs Great Minds

S/N Small Mind Great Mind
1. Holds onto the benefits of now


Holds onto the benefits of later


2. Discusses people


Discusses ideas


3. Looks unto men for help


Looks unto God for help


4. Believes in himself only


Believes in God and in himself


5. Thinks he has known enough


Thinks he has not known enough


6. Thinks he knows all


Lean from others


7. Keeps teaching


Keeps learning


8. Prefers talking to listening


Prefers listening to talking


9. Loves to be served only


Loves to serve


10. Do not obey and respect the men over them.


Obey and respect the men over them.



Great minds know who to shut the door against and who to open the door to


S/N Who to shut the door against Who to open your door to
1. He that makes you feel you can’t


He that makes you feel you can
2. He that makes you feel inferior


He that makes you equal better
3. Whoever points you to your worst moment in life



He that reminds you of your best moment
4. He that makes you feel he is great.


He that makes you feel you are great


5. Anybody that tells you it has never worked and it can’t work



He that tells you it can work through
6. He that despises or disrespects your presence.



He that respects your presence

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