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The star is shining bright on you

You wanted to know my every move,

The star is shining bright on you,

I always felt I was the fifth wheel,

Still we were only two,

My voice wasn’t heard,

Still I played my tune,

Why won’t you say a word?

The star is shining bright on you,

I am all alone,

Still I got you,

The star is shining bright on you,

When we were kids I felt the love,

Blue monday was green,

Because of you,

Sticking together,

Like glue,

The star is shining bright on you,


Positive input

Positivity, to me, isn’t about getting rid of your negative emotions,

Sure, you don’t want to feel sad all the time,

It’s good to try to see things in different light,

But positivity is more about having a bright view of life,

Although you encounter trouble,

It’s all about accepting the world as it is,

It’s not like the positive people,

Are happy all the time,

No, but they rather focus on the bright side of life,

Therefore, a positive person will begin feeling better,

Much better than a person who only see the negative side of it,

So, with this in mind, we should all try to change our mindset a little,

When you encounter difficulties don’t quit!

And don’t say “I’ll do it, but it won’t go well”,

Because it won’t, if you have that attitude,

Positivity means doing things with the expectation of it working out fine,

If you are perfectionistic, like me, you don’t want to fail,

Because that may say something about your skill level,

This is a negative view on the things you do,

Because if you live your whole life trying to do everything perfect,

You won’t experience failure, and failure is a big part of life,

Without failure you won’t grow,

It’s also very ineffective to try to make things perfect, because it never will be perfect,

Sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you have done,

Otherwise you will fall into the trap of becoming self-conscious,

And this brings a lot of stress and other negative emotions,

By being positive you realize that failure is a possibility,

You also look more at the big picture of things and don’t get caught up in the details,

If you want to make that transformation, believe that you can do it,

Feel it inside you and act on it,

Life is a process so don’t be discourage if you don’t get it at first,

Remember, nobody is perfect,

Still, if you stay conscious of your thoughts and actions,

You will eventually realize who you want to be,


Life-long dream

Do we really have free will?

Are we not all slaves for the upper 1 percent,

When there’s so much war and death,

Why do we think we are free?

Being free means we should be able to do whatever we want,

The truth is that our choices are limited,

We grow up believing that what matters is to be perceived as having a great life,

So we tell our self that whatever the neighbor does and has is what is real,

We all should look at ourselves and ask questions about our purpose,

Because we all have different backgrounds, interests and life,

We therefore can’t base our life around what other people do,

Then we will be burning our own grave,

What makes other people happy don’t necessarily make you happy,

To be free means to own yourself,

When we follow other people’s paths we don’t  fulfill our potential,

We don’t realize our self,

To be free is to have the body, mind and spirit to do whatever you please,

We need to question everything,

Don’t waste time on people you don’t like,

Speak freely about anyone and anything to be able to create your own life,

Meditation and yoga are exercises that open your mind,

Do a little of that each day and start realizing,

When we open our eyes to the wonders of the world,

We become happy with ourselves,

We are not all equal so find your own passion,

Devote your time to the things you enjoy,


Courage is

Courage is loving people,

Even though you have evidence,

Not too,

Courage is power,

When you use it right,

Courage is going forward,

When you see no light,

Courage is taking blame,

When you speak honestly,

Courage is believing in others,


Courage is taking care of your mother,

Being a role model to your brother or sister,

Courage is telling you’re enemy, make a move,

When you’re body resist,

Courage is staying strong,

Courage is keeping making bonds,

Courage can be mistaken for love,

Cause you never know when you’ll be,

A mourning dove,

Courage is going against the stream,

Opening your heart,

Cause you have a dream,